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Vista 32bit Ultimate and 3DWS 5.25 compatibility

Guest Scott

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I use Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate to be more compatible with other programs I use.

Recently I was Installing my registered copy of 3d World Studio onto my new laptop since my desktop system was far out-dated and trashed.

The problem I have is that the program stops immediately after I allow it to run as administrator.

I tried re-installing OpenAl for windows, the newest version for 2009.

What has me puzzled is that the program would run fine on the old desktop with windows Xp sp2, will not run on Vista Ultimate 32bit.

So I tried to change compatibility to Windows Xp sp2 and still the program stops immediatly after I give permission to run, with the small window reading something about 3Dworldstudio.exe has stopped working.


Really would appreciate some help here. I use 3d World Studio for architecture in Torque Game Engine Advanced.

Am I missing a driver perhaps? ( I also removed the Aero look from Vista. btw ).

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