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Using the terrain height map


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I'm just started scripting with lua with the demo version, using the great tutorials on youtube.

I'm have a problem with the terrain elevation\height: when i load the terrain height map its doesn't fit to the visible scene texture.


Any ideas?





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--loading the terrain and scene








(i have a body attached to the camera)


-- calculating the height of the camera above the ground


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why are you creating a terrain and also loading a terrain from the SBX file? just load the SBX and it will load the terrain for you...


also, you do not have to set the collisiontype for the loaded scene... it will be done automatically for the terrain

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If your body is parented to the camera, you will need to transform its position from local space to world space to get the correct position for the call to TerrainElevation(). See TFormPoint().

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When i don't create the terrain i don't know the terrain Entity name so i can't use it.

When i use "terrain" i get an "Exception access violation" message.

Do i need to create a world first or anything else is wrong?

I tried to transform to global coordinates. the different i got was twice the distance to each axis.

Still didn't get the right height.



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