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Inverse kinematics procedural animation

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I think adding a feature to essentially animate a character or any motion procedurally within engine would save a ton of time and would also allow for much smoother animation tied to the current framerate rather then exporting out a locked animation framerate.  Additionally, parameters could be adjusted within engine in response to current actions rather then having to hard code for every event.  With just a few keyframes, smooth animation could be done with this type of interpolation:


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11 minutes ago, Slastraf said:

I am trying to implement this and the more I look into it the harder the math gets. Hats off I cant do it but is so crucial in a game engine and has been done in LE before.

The physics joints system is an IK system, so you don't really have to figure out the math yourself. You can just set up some joints with high stiffness to solve the math.

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