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  1. I think adding a feature to essentially animate a character or any motion procedurally within engine would save a ton of time and would also allow for much smoother animation tied to the current framerate rather then exporting out a locked animation framerate. Additionally, parameters could be adjusted within engine in response to current actions rather then having to hard code for every event. With just a few keyframes, smooth animation could be done with this type of interpolation:
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I was unable to convert the more recent file type with the 2013 converter but perhaps they have a later version that would work.
  3. Maybe I just have to learn the system to make it work well, but other software opens it directly with no issue. I somehow have to export the materials out of Cinema 4D in a way that I can import into Leadwerks.
  4. I imagine there must be a way to do the same with the materials, I hope. Would be a ton of unneeded work having to import them separately and assign textures to each model all over again.
  5. Was able to have this fully loaded with a single drag and drop operation of an FBX file.
  6. Maybe certain FBX files act differently but when I put in a pre-made character (single FBX file), it converts everything and automatically puts the textures into the model.
  7. It seems like it isn't importing the materials correctly. I have made the model in Cinema 4D, and assigned materials. I can then open the FBX file in Blender, Windows 3D Viewer, Unreal, and probably other programs and can see that the materials are in that FBX file. Basically, I know the model is all there in the file, but I don't see them showing up in Leadwerks.
  8. So Leadwerks cannot open embedded textures then?
  9. I've tried to import a model created in C4D but am only getting a blank model. It opens correctly in Windows 3D viewer, Blender, and others.
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