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I'm modelling all my models in milkshape 3D because is the most easy to use app i ever seen but it's limited to about 8600 polys, and my mansion hall (well, the half of the hall) is about 8800 so i have to cut it in parts because unwrap 3D doesn't save it in .ms3d. So i think i have to change to another modeling program but all of them ( 3dstudio, blender,..) are difficult to use and , i think, you have to start allways with a primitive and not with vertexes. So where can i find a good blender tutorial explaining all steps from start to ending of modeling something or what other modeling program do you know, please? thank you very much


P.D.: i tried 3dsmax but is boring difficult and "absurd" for me, and i find blender a little difficult too (at least in the begining).

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yes i now that unwrap save ms3d, the problem is that, if the model have more poligons than ms3d suports, then it gives an error and not save the model. It's weird because the milkshape 3d program save the model no matter the number of poligons have even is limited.


But thank you very much for your answer ;) .

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I would ditch milkshape cos its not very good and go for 3dws for buildings and ac3d for models.Blender is very good if you take the time to learn it. I find the Blender video tutorals hard to follow partly because they go too quick and the accent of the narrater is hard to understand, but by poking around on my own for 30 minutes every night I have learned a lot about blender.

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