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  1. I did this a long time ago but after a lengthy layoff I have forgotten how to able crawler in lua script. The script says target - nil. I need to make crawler attack player. At the moment it just has the "idle" anim working.
  2. try deleting the cfg file and re running the editor so it can create a new one.
  3. delete the cfg file then re run le editor.
  4. Thanks guys. Workimg now
  5. I m a de a ramp and it works fine when visible but not when hidden. Am I missing something?
  6. Thanks. I like the wheelchair, I have one just like it. I will be 97 on xmas eve( if I can dodge the dreaded lurgi.
  7. My main character cannot cimb some castle stairs cos the steps are too high. If I scale down the castle several doors will be out of place as they are coded in place.Any ideas?
  8. This situation did not exist 6 months ago, I could download drivers in 20 minutes.
  9. Iwanted to download latest nvidia drivers yesterday but the download time was 2 days, s0 I tried again today and it said 8 hours download time. Anyone else having this problem in last few months?
  10. Deleting Leadwerks cfg file solved this problem.
  11. Model editor crashes when I double click on object in asset panel.Error dialog says "Assert failed". Reinstalling le made no difference.
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