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  1. Hi guys, I expected the new multiplayer system to be rather easy to use, as I've done manual connection and message sending before, but I can't seem to receive the connect message on the server end. I run the server application first, and then then the client application many seconds later, both on the same PC, but pMessage is always null. I'm also receiving a value in pPeer on the client end, so it seems like there is a successful connection. Can anyone see where I have gone wrong here? Here's what I have at the moment. Server: int main() { Window *pWindow = Window::Create
  2. i am creating a server for my game (mmo). sending/receiving packets all work fine on a single client. now i like to extend the server to accept multiple clients. i have created a class called connections which holds all the info for a single client. put a new connection in the list with peer info whenever a new succesfull connection is made with the server. i then compare message->peer against connections.peer to read the messages from each client. but now my question is what do you guys advice? should i make a send/receive list for each connecti
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering if it's possible to control an FPS player who has been placed with the level editor, with C++. I'd like to change things such as the player speed, footstep sounds, camera position (3rd person), etc. All things that I expect to be simple in practise, if only I could access the player entity. Is this possible or am I better off re-writing my own player class? EDIT: Also, while I'm here, since I only know a little about lua scripting, I have a couple questions regarding it. What is the script compiled into? What is its speed comparison to C++?
  4. For this Zero project I have a need to call C++ classes from LUA. I have gone the same way as Josh has and used 'tolua++' for this. This works like this 1 - Create PKG For each class you need to export you have to write a corresponding 'pkg' file which is a version of the C++ header file suitable for the 'tolua++' program. 2 - Use 'tolua++' Then send the 'pkg' file to 'tolua++' which then will generate a source file with the LUA-export version of the class and a header file which defines the function to call in order to export the class. 3 - Add & Compile The two generated f
  5. i get a Debug Assertion Failure when closing my app in C++ debugging shows the error occurs at the destructor of my class on this line: delete logTextArea; //same result //logTextArea->Release(); logTextArea is a Widget::TextArea() the debugger tells me the Expression: list iterator not incrementable. does Widget::TextArea have a bug in his destructor ? or is this error on my part somehow? i do not use any type of list in my code myself at the moment.. ------------------------------------- Solved i figured out that when releasing/deleting a Widget
  6. Just a quick question, I've been exploring the technologies of other engines and I've seen some very unique lighting techniques for global illumination in real-time. Is there any technology implemented within the Leadwerks to allow this feature, or is there any way to implement Nvidia's tech (Voxel-based Global Illumination, as seen in the Unreal Engine) through the use of their GameWorks SDK which requires direct contact to the OpenGL implementation (I believe, don't quote me on this)?
  7. I have been looking at the EmitEventHook void hookFunction(void* ptr) { // do whatever } System::AddHook(System::EmitEventHook, hookFunction); I can't figure out the correct type for hookFunction's parameter(s). Event* seems the most logical but doesn't appear to be correct, other hooks tend to have pointers to relevant objects. Anyone know the correct parameters?
  8. 'm using the C++ SDK and lua for small objects code. I need to create the entities from C++ and later use the bool Entity::CallFunction(const std::string& functionName, Object* extra) How to 'bind' on script lua to an entity ? it looks that Interpreter is using tolua++, but I can't figure how to load the .lua properly to the object // Create 100 special entity std::vector<Entity*> list; for (int i = 0; i < 100; i ++) { Entity* entity = new MyEntity(); entity->AddToWorldTable(true ); list.push_back(entity); } // Load special script (But not working, object
  9. I want to calculate the normal's from a height-map image by checking the neighboring pixels but I'm unsure on the correct way of doing it. This is the code I'm using below so far; unsigned int map_index = 0; for (int y = 0; y < map_size; y++) { for (int x = 0; x < map_size; x++) { unsigned int current_index = (y * map_size) + x; if (x == 0) { center_l = map[current_index]; } else { map_index = (y * map_size) + (x - 1); center_l = map[map_index]; } if(x == (map_size - 1)){ center_r = map[current_index]; } else { map_index = (y * map_size) + (x + 1); center_r = map[map_index
  10. I've put together a quick shader that will show the object in wire-frame and draw lines to show the direction of each vertex normal. But the normal's don't seem to be acting correctly. Is somehow able to show me what I'm doing wrong? I have a feeling it something to do with the cameraprojection matrix, but unsure how to fix it. I used the info from this site; http://www.geeks3d.com/20130905/exploring-glsl-normal-visualizer-with-geometry-shaders-shader-library/ diffuse_shownormals.zip
  11. I've taken a look at the terrain.shader that comes with Leadwerks to see if I can modify it to my needs, but I'm not sure where to start. What I want is to texture a grid mesh of a terrain with multiple textures based and height and slope, and maybe even an alpha map. If someone is able to point me in the right direction or even a small snippet of code that shows how the height and slope can change where a texture is shown I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. How can I manually change the min and max values of a models AABB? I've used the following code which seems to set the model->aabb okay but debugging the entity boxes doesn't show it and the model still disappears at the wrong times. model->aabb.min.x = -256.0; model->aabb.min.y = -256.0; model->aabb.min.z = -256.0; model->aabb.max.x = 256.0; model->aabb.max.y = 256.0; model->aabb.max.z = 256.0; model->aabb.Update();
  13. Hello, I have recently purchased the Leadwerks game engine and Professional DLC. The DLC is installed correctly and I can see the .cpp source files in the script editor. I was about to create a few of my own classes but noticed that although I can open .cpp files in the editor I am only able to save new source files in .lua Does the built in script editor support new .cpp files, what am I missing? Cheers.
  14. Hi Josh, I would like to see more flexible commands surround the surface class. This will make real-time modification of large dynamic meshes much easier and hopefully faster, allowing for more control of what type of games that can be made. AddVertices(vec3** positions) RemoveSurface(int index) RemoveSurfaces(int* indexes) RemoveVertex(int index) RemoveVertices(int* indexes) RemoveTriangle(int index) RemoveTriangles(int* indexes) SetTriangleIndice(int index, in a, int b, int c) Creating a grid of only 256 x 256 vertices seems to take a lot longer than if
  15. I'm unsure how exactly to use Transform::Rotation in order to rotate my physics object about it's local Y axis. The code below works when the player is upright, but if it rotates 90 degrees on the X axis (lying down basically) it rotates about the global Y. How can I use this to transform to local? float cx = Math::Round(context->GetWidth() / 2); float cy = Math::Round(context->GetHeight() / 2); Vec3 mpos = window->GetMousePosition(); window->SetMousePosition(cx, cy); mpos = mpos * looksmoothing + mousepos * (1 - looksmoothing); float dx = (mpos.x - cx) * lookspeed; float
  16. Is a PolyMesh() trigger suposed to work? I set one up but every time objects fly straight through without invoking the collision hook. Using a sphere or box though works fine.
  17. Hi, I have made a large sphere shape which is set up as a trigger and I have attached a collision hook to a cube which I fire from the camera at the sphere. The hook is called upon collision but also seems to be called when the cube is inside the sphere. Even if it has been created in the sphere on start-up. Is there a way to only detect a collision with a face? Not the volume as well? I thought of just removing the hook upon first collision, but I'd like it there for collisions that may happen later. Any ideas?
  18. Hey guys, What I have is a large dynamic mesh, and Shape::PolyMesh() takes too long to be used in real-time. I want the shapes vertices to change along with the mesh's without using Shape::PolyMesh() all the time. Is it possible to manipulate the vertices of a shape without re-generating it?
  19. Hi! It has been a while. Here's an update on my networking library EvayrNet which is available for C++ users of Leadwerks: While implementing it into the test project in Leadwerks, I saw that the use case had some flaws which made it really hard to debug what's going on. I figured that I should be spending some time on fixing some flaws. After a few weeks I came up with the following upgrades: Debugging class Simulation mode More debugging information available Here's some detailed explanation: Debugging class I was using a lot of "printf" before which made it hard to: Find out
  20. I'm working on finding a better way to find out if two entities are (a) close to each other and (b) facing each other. Initially I thought it was a good idea to bolt a trigger onto them, offset on the local Z-axis and have each entity "carry" one around in front of them but I've now noticed that the physics timestep doesn't line up with the UPS, so if the framerate goes above 60 or so, my game loop doesn't detect a collision during some of those frames. It's probably an overly expensive way of calculating it as well. Ideally I'd like to have some simple detection happening that ticks those
  21. I'm hoping to get some non-ASCII characters to the screen, but DrawText doesn't like std::wstring. Is there a way around this already, or should I nut out a way to use bitmapped characters?
  22. Hi, guys I am learning leadwerks to develop a game of my own, Lua is quite good, but now I need some information about using c++. I've searched web, just found very few topics about it, and they seems to be a little outdated, since the c++ project structure of leadwerks4 has changed a lot. So I do need some help about it, anyone can show me some very basic c++ tutorials of leadwerks, like how the c++ project organized, how can I make a project file for code::blocks and how can I compile my project without leadwerks editor. Any help will be appreciated.
  23. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone's ever used a custom icon for their application's window. If so, what steps did you take? I imagine I might have to fiddle with the main.cpp file and possibly derive a new window class from Leadwerks::Window to get things working. One thing that will make this tricky: I'm targeting Windows OS, but eventually supporting OSX and Linux. Many thanks
  24. Hi guys, I was just wondering if there's a way to draw/play an animated gif image on screen in C++ using Leadwerks? Many thanks
  25. Hi guys! I've created a new Project in the Solution which will be for one of my custom frameworks/libraries. My framework references the Leadwerks library and classes. I'm currently having difficulties setting up the project to compile, as I get this error: Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'OpenAL/al.h': No such file or directory I've added the dependencies and path macros for this new Project, trying to mimic the setup of the Project in the generated Solution from Leadwerks. I'm not sure what I'm missing! Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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