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  1. I did not expect this to jump to the top of the priority list. Hence the name of the forum, it's just a suggestion so therefore am not expecting anything.
  2. Yes, also for example from the lights section of the tutorial, you could unlock an achievement called "Thomas Edison" (The inventor of the Edison light bulb) for placing a light. Or from the terrain tutorial; "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." - Michelangelo (A famous painter / sculpture) for using the sculpting tool for the first time.
  3. Hello, I just wanted to leave a quick suggestion; It would be nice to see a better implementation of the steam achievements used. Maybe ones that unlock after following certain tasks throughout the tutorials ect.
  4. It would be nice to be able to dock the script editor within the main editor.
  5. Hello, I have recently purchased the Leadwerks game engine and Professional DLC. The DLC is installed correctly and I can see the .cpp source files in the script editor. I was about to create a few of my own classes but noticed that although I can open .cpp files in the editor I am only able to save new source files in .lua Does the built in script editor support new .cpp files, what am I missing? Cheers.
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