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  1. New Updated Menu
  2. I made this with Leadwerks Game Engine!
  3. My game would benefit so much from animated textures, although its in Lua
  4. Meme Simulator 2016 - LUA CODER NEEDED: Hello, This game is almost ready to be released however I need a restart button and menu options coded into the game before I can release. I am not good at coding and I am surprised I made it this far. If anyone is interested in helping out reply in the comments and I will contact you or give you my details. Thanks!

    1. Slastraf


      You could post a thread, I will show you how to make a button from scratch, with gimp and how to click it

  5. New level for the game "Meme Simulator 2016" it should be finished this summer or abit after summer.
  6. Yes, a lot of the stuff here you see is still being cut from the final game, such as the dorito logo, mlg logos ect that will most likely cause the game to be taken down and before the game is greenlit i'll go through the game with somone to make sure all trademarks and copyright infringements are removed before the game is released. If removing the content to prevent copyright is not possible without being detrimental to the game then the game will be released for free. Things like the Gabe Newell level are supposedly fine as there are a couple games on steam that uses Gabe Newell's face
  7. Hello all, brace yourself for the newest arrival to the Leadwerks game engine. You may have seen this game before as "Snoop Dogg Simulator" but has since undergone a change into "Meme Simulator" so that it can be released publicly without myself getting in trouble. The game is currently very early in development, and I am not a coder by no means so it is a surprise to myself that I could create a game even if its bare bones. Lets get to it then! Videos: Main menu + Kappa level + John Cena level: New Gabe Newell level: Pictures: http://images.akamai.steamus
  8. fxaa contrast toon is the only one that doesnt hurt my eyes
  9. Feast your eyes on the best weapon ever created on leadwerks.... ...The Nyan Cat Gun!!!!
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