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  1. What that mean? Does this error can be avoided? You said "disabling" the DPI Scaling will break lots of things.
  2. I am not planning any Operating System installation now because all my hard disks are occupied more than 60% and the Ubuntu is not able to be installed now. I will store the library for future use, I am not planning to do any PC format because I will need to do lots of backups and installations, which means I will not use the Ultra App Kit for the next 2 years at lest. Maybe the Ultra App Kit will get matured and improved until then. I was thought I would able to use it out of the box but things seems to be different.
  3. So this library works in Windows 10 operating system and not in others like Linux or MacOS. I cant install Windows 10 and I am not planing to format my PC for now. I will keep the library for some future use and I will see.
  4. If this will be disabled what problem will cause? Will it no support more than 1 monitors?
  5. This issue should be fixed and support the operating systems at least from Windows 7 and up.
  6. So when I will change my operating system I will be able to use this library. I do not like Windows 10 much. But there are many programmers who still use Windows 7 too.
  7. Hello, I have an issue with Ultra Application Kit when I am running the UltraEngine.exe I receive an error message about And then the program ends. I am unable to run the Library and the creator of the Library wasn't answered. Do anyone among of you, had any similar problem. I am running Windows 7 - x64 here and this User32.dll is for Windows 10. Is there a Windows 7 version of the Library?
  8. Hi, I had discussed this in the past and all of these nice functions will be added in future version. I also was suggest and creating , adding or deleting normals and faces on terrain to able to make entrances in underground levels. Another nice idea is creating more primitive 3D objects , like cone , sphere , torus , pyramid , hexagon and adding boolean operations , merge or subtraction surfaces and objects. The next version of leadwerks engine took some time. The editor needs more tools to be added. Most of the 3D modeling programs have a lots of advanced tools. Also the maps exported fro
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