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  1. The Leadwerks 2.5 is still attractive because of the following - 1. Excellent soft shadows for each light type commands ( functions ) accessible from C/C++ and LUA code. The Leadweks 3.X and 4.X totally lack such commands.( functions ). One can adjust the shadow map size, shadow offset , shadow softness and shadow distance from C/C++ and LUA code. 2. Terrain shadow - this feature of Leadwerks 2.5 is completely absent in Leadwerks 3.X and 4.X 3. Self shadow - Objects cat shadows on themselves and on those that are near to them. 4. Brightness, contrast and saturation - The br
  2. Mr. Klint, Can you please please resolve the situation ? I still hope you can make the SDK downloads available from the server or from the Google drive.
  3. I do not know why it was necessary to take down the server location for the previous SDKs that used to be available for install from the Leadwerks2.exe updater. Was it really taking up too much of the server space I wonder ! If so, should have been archived on the Google drive for those who paid for the software.
  4. Hello, I have lost my Leadwerks 2.5 SDK license key and SDK software. The leadwerks2.exe updater available on the Josh's google drive cannot connect to the server for a fresh download. I paid 200 USD for that 2.5 version back in the days when the Leadwerks 3.0 was just getting launched. . I feel I am at a loss. I also bought the Leadwerks Game Engine Professional version 4.x from steam and is happy to say that I can get it installed and configured whenever I want. Isn't it logical that the Leadwerks 2.5 SDK version should also be available on steam for those who have
  5. Hello, Is there any way I can increase the the view distance from the camera, when the detail mapping of the terrain takes into effect ? Thanks,
  6. I have used the menu, the F12 button and the "single viewport" button from the toolbar, all resulting the same condition.
  7. Hello, When I try to go into single view port mode while in perspective view, the perspective view still holds back the original size of the rendered scene and the editor hangs up. I am on Windows 10 64 bit. Graphics - AMD HD 7750, with latest driver.
  8. Hello, Does anybody know how to increase the displacement mapping strength for the terrain shaders ? How do I increase the distance at which the engine switches the terrain details from high resolution to low resolution ? I observed the engine is turning off normal mapping and displacement mapping when camera is taken a few steps back from the terrain mountain or hill. How can I adjust this distance ?
  9. 1. Where are the C++ tutorials gone ? 2. Good surface detail shaders like parallax occlusion mapping , relief mapping etc . are still missing. 3. Terrain shadow is missing. 4. Animated meshes are not getting properly imported in the Leadwerks from Blender FBX export.
  10. Hello , I am unable to find the e-mail containing the Leadwerks 2.5 license key that Josh sent me. Can any body ( preferably Josh ) help me out in this situation ? I do not want to loose the license for the Leadwerks 2.5 since I have paid for it. Also please provide the download link for the installer. Thanks,
  11. Can anybody please provide the working links for 1. LE 2.5 downloads - shaders, assets, scripts, textures and other community driven each and every things. 2/ LE 2.5 engine downloader. 3. Community wikis, official tutorials, docs,
  12. Thank you Mr. for getting the LE 2 wiki alive again http://www.leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Hope it will remain there unharmed in the coming days.
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