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  1. That's a lot of textures... but for great graphics at fast speeds it'll probably be worth it.  I'm not familiar with 3D textures but can you store 4 of them in one slot like what can be done with a 2D texture, and then access the appropriate one with UV coords.. or however you access 3D textures?

  2. If you were to make a rule that GI requires 32 textures, does it drastically change what cards the engine will work on?  I'm not sure how 16 can be guaranteed and not any more.  Is it a memory issue?

    Are there other ways to store and manipulate data on the GPU that doesn't use texture slots?  Like Buffer Objects or something...?


    It's best to have six lighting values for each voxel, one for each direction. I suppose you could drop this down to four that are all 129.5 degrees apart, with less accuracy.

    Maybe you could bring it down to four to keep it within limits but have the option to use more if the end user wants too use up to 32?  Maybe..

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