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Cyclone Is Coming Soon to Steam!




It's been roughly over a year since active development started on this project. Today, I'm excited to announce that Cyclone now has a "Coming Soon" page on the Steam Store! This marks a huge milestone for the project and I'm looking forward to getting this out as soon as possible. 

Cyclone is planned on being released as an Early Access title. Releasing into Early Access will grant a layer of feedback, bug reports, and ideas that can help build the remainder features, as well as additional content. So much was done, yet there's much more to do before the planned Early Access release scheduled for Q2 2022! 

If you are looking forward to Cyclone, please consider adding it to your wishlist and/or giving it a follow to be informed about future updates. 


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@aiaf Thanks You. In Colombia they say it is 100 dollars in exchange for peso to dollar is usually too expensive for me.  And they say that they keep 30% commission, but that they are refundable when I sell a specific amount.  What other viable option is there, in epics gtames I don't know if they charge, but the percentage is much lower.

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