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  1. Have you tested shadows with fast moving objects like cars or thin walls?
  2. Less objects, less materials, less shaders is generally how you solve this. Just merge everything into one mesh.
  3. You probably have low FPS because of Leadwerk's poor GPU performance which these tests honestly don't tell us much about.
  4. There's Octane Renderer plugin, if you want to check something similar. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/octanerender-for-unity-installer-scene-105646
  5. That's crazy numbers Josh! Amazing job. Is this lighting test with realtime shadows also? I also wonder about fragment shaders performance with high overdraw or just high number of PBR models.
  6. How do you know they are the same world? Maybe System:Print gives you the same output for different worlds. Try to spawn something in one world and render another. Also, what if you do this? mundo1 = CWorld:Create() System:Print(mundo1.worldx) mundo2 = CWorld:Create() System:Print(mundo2.worldx)
  7. 1050ti is the second most popular card on Steam so you can't just say that it's old and irrelevant. Also, I've never seen this effect in any decent game on this videocard. I think this is a serious issue. Hopefully it gets better in Ultra Engine, otherwise I'll have to implement something else for culling.
  8. I wonder, is it basically image based lighting or is it a separate thing?
  9. Genebris


    I don't understand what focusing an engine on VR means. VR still needs all the same aspects of "regular" game engine except for maybe higher performance. But performance is a huge deal for any game engine anyways. Or do you mean marketing as VR primarily?
  10. Genebris

    Sot Kaal


    Heavily pixelated platformer because I thought that Leadwerks community was missing one.
  11. Great, that's what I would like to see when I've just bought the kit. By the way, what if I want to use VS Code? I'd still need to have Visual Studio open and compile in it, right?
  12. I never understood what does this thing do in the first place. Maybe it's the first parameter of SetInput? https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_SetInput
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