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Leadwerks Winter Tournament Roundup



The Winter Games Tournament is complete, with a long list of fun mini-games made by the community. This tournament saw the release of many new and innovative types of games you want to be sure to try. To claim your prize, go to "My Profile" in the drop-down box that opens when you click your name in the upper-right part of this website:



On your profile page, click the button that says "Edit My Profile" and enter your name, shipping address, and shirt size.


Lone Water: Prologue


Lone Water tell a history about a flooded world. You are a lone survivor in this world and you must find clues to figure out why the world is now all flooded with water.



On the Road Again


On the road again is a little racing game where a track is randomly generated

with a given seed. You either use a car or a ball to complete levels. Compete with others as you can see their highscores via the Steam leaderboards.





Build your own base and defend it against evil snowmen!

This game was built just for fun, and is still a little buggy. It has 11 waves of snowmen, and 13 different structures you can build. The controls and instructions are in the game. Feel free to comment if you find anything wrong, or one of those dreaded misspelled words.



The Van


Just another slow day at the biotech firm. You work at the main research facility as a mechanic for vehicle maintenance and general odd jobs around the place. You don't exactly know what they manufacture here. Very secretive need-to-know stuff and the non-disclosure papers seemed pretty clear about not talking about what you see here, otherwise the consequences are severe.



Ball Hopper


Bounce across platforms to reach the finish, but make sure you get all the checkpoints along the way!

The controls are really simple, but don't think it's going to be easy!



Water Bottle Flip


America’s latest craze is now brought to PC! You heard that right – Water Bottle Flip captures the thrill of lobbing perfectly good drinking water in plastic bottles through the air and trying to land it upright on various surfaces. This authentic polymeric encapsulated aquatic simulator realistically captures the exquisite arc of the bottle as it sails effortlessly through the air and onto the target! Throw as many water bottles as you like in the comfort of your own PC gaming chair without having to worry about spilling actual water and soaking your carpets! How many can you land consecutively on the table? Can you trick-shot onto the vending machine? Can you simply just land one before casting yourself out into the void out of frustration? Try it out and see!



Home Sweet Home


You wake up to find you are on a deserted Island.



Rick Powers


After waking in an unknown facility, you find and connect psychically with a future tech orb which allows you to teleport to places you throw it to. Use the sticky ball powerup and the ball sticks to anything. Use the bomb powerup to create an energy blast to break things. Can you escape?



A Long Journey


Now whether that's what I've created for a WinterTournament is enough, no clue. But I hope you have fun. So far, there are only two maps. But there will be more. In total there are 10 maps with different scenarios, effects etc.



Pig's Adventure Dodgeball

837269229_preview_Pig's Adventure Dodgeball - Title.jpg

This game started out as a typical dodgeball game but then morphed into something a bit different. At any rate, the object of the game is to try to break down all of the boxes on the target platform before you run out of balls.



Jimmi the Rabbit


Guide Jimmi to his house before time runs out. Collect as many carrots as you con.





Evil snowmen are planning to invade your planet! Quick, hop into your rocket ship and blast them away! Make sure to steal their hot choco for some Health & Power boost!



Sot Kaal


It works, but it's unfinished. Second level isn't there, I'll update soon.



Snow Riders


Snow Rider is an arcade snowboarding game.



Enemy Z


Prepare your defense against waves of the undead.




Race against your friends and the AI and be the last one standing! Up to 8 racers at a time.



Mass Micron


The game is supposed to be a boss battle within a single room. The boss will be invulnerable to direct fire but elements in the room will allow you to take him down. E.g disable missiles, reduce boss reaction time etc.





Game type real time strategy game.


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Yeah, good entries. I've tried a few already and downloading some more to try. Lot's of gameplay variation which is cool.

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