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Leadwerks Game Engine 4.3 Released



Leadwerks Game Engine 4.3 is now available.


This release adds support for Ogg Vorbis audio files. Ogg Vorbis is a compressed audio format specially designed to shrink the size of large audio files. Using Ogg for large music files can significantly reduce your game's size.




Leadwerks Game Engine 4.3 features numerous performance updates, with performance improvements up to twice as fast as Leadwerks 4.2.




Finally, numerous small bugs have been squashed to make Leadwerks more reliable than ever.


Version 4.3 is a free update and is available on Steam now. C++ projects made with Leadwerks 4.2 can be updated by adding the following header search paths:

  • $(LeadwerksHeaderPath)\Libraries\libvorbis\include
  • $(LeadwerksHeaderPath)\Libraries\libogg\include

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