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Visual Studio 2017 Support




The beta branch of the professional version is upgraded to use Visual Studio 2017. You can download the release candidate for free here:



Your existing projects should work with VS 2017 with no changes, but you might want to hold off while we test if you are in the middle of a project. New projects you create should open with VS 2017 by default.



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Nice, I'm taking that the libraries don't support 2013 anymore, right? Also great to see how fast you've managed to get it working. (Like the RC was released yesterday. lol)

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You can use the _msc_ver preprocessor.


MSVC++ 14.0 _MSC_VER == 1900 (Visual Studio 2015)

MSVC++ 12.0 _MSC_VER == 1800 (Visual Studio 2013)

MSVC++ 11.0 _MSC_VER == 1700 (Visual Studio 2012)

MSVC++ 10.0 _MSC_VER == 1600 (Visual Studio 2010)

MSVC++ 9.0 _MSC_VER == 1500 (Visual Studio 2008)

MSVC++ 8.0 _MSC_VER == 1400 (Visual Studio 2005)

MSVC++ 7.1 _MSC_VER == 1310 (Visual Studio 2003)

MSVC++ 7.0 _MSC_VER == 1300

MSVC++ 6.0 _MSC_VER == 1200

MSVC++ 5.0 _MSC_VER == 1100

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Yeah but then it would not be using the latest 2017 tools and optimizations, right? I can't imagine there is a way to update the library without updating the library.

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Ahh I think see the issue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but since you're releasing static libs, the preprocessor can't be changed outside of your end. So in which you'd have to build two sets of libraries and I understand completely that you most likely don't want to do that for legacy.


I mean, asking user's to upgrade their IDE isn't an issue, what can be an issue is if the developer is using another library that doesn't yet support 2017. Then again, 2017 RC released yesterday and Leadwerks is the only thing I know of that supports it at the moment.


Real question is what other libraries will support 2017 when it comes to 4.2's release!

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Good step , i like the support for modern c++.

Can we get same treatment for gcc ? but guess there is also dependent on steam os support.

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Yes, I will investigate it. Honestly the reason it's like this right now is I am terrified of changing anything on my Linux dev machine.

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