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Entity ID


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When i use this code from the wiki:

void _stdcall MessageReceiveCallback( TEntity entity, str message, byte* extra ) 
char str[256];
sprintf(str, "%d got a message. Message name: \"%s\"", (int)entity, message);
MessageBoxA(0, str, "MessageReceiveCallback called", 0);

and call it with

SendEntityMessage(Cube, "Hello World!");

i get this result :

31324672 got a message ...

So i wondered if it would be possible to use somethign like SendEntityMessage(31324672, "Hello World!"); in order to send it to entities from other classes. This example obviously does not work =(

Does anyone have an idea?


Greetz and thanks

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From what I know TEntity (and all the other entity types) is a char*. So it's storing a memory location. When you cast it to (int) I think you are getting the location in memory as an integer, but that's not the same as a pointer. So 31324672 is the memory location not an internal ID number for the object.

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SendEntityMessage(31324672, "Hello World!");


The first argument is a string/char, not an integer or float. That's the reason that doesn't work.


I don't know if


SendEntityMessage("31324672", "Hello World!");


Will work or not, but that would be a string..


I believe rick is right, that's probably an integer of the pointer?

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