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Please compare these ways in performance


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just want to know which way use less process? if possibble with little describtion..

  • Floating a boat using waterplane physics.
  • Floating a boat using keyframe animation and disable waterplane physics.
  • Floating a boat using lines of script and again disable waterplane physics.



thank before :(

Omid Saadat

OD Arts Blog


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AMD 6000+ - Geforce 9800 GT - 2GB RAM - XP x86 (Home pc)

Intel Core i7 - Geforce 310M - 4GB Ram - Win7 x64 (Laptop)

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Physics are obviously going to be the slowest, especially where buoyancy is concerned. I would also suspect that keyframe animation is nicer on the CPU. But keyframing alone wouldn't take any possible waves on the water into account. In the case of waves, physics are going to provide the most realistic look.

LE Version: 2.50 (Eventually)

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I think you should use the physics system because it will interact the best with other physical objects. None of the methods you listed will have any bearing on performance.

My job is to make tools you love, with the features you want, and performance you can't live without.

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