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object.controller vs. object.model


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I am wondering about the controller you use Rick..


(specifically the height and such)


Do you really have he have the controller move the model?


Can you pull the model height in real time, and move it with out a controller?


specifically this line:

object.controller:SetPosition(Vec3(pos.x, pos.y + (object.height/2), pos.z))


Your moving the controller by half the distance of the height. Can you pull the model height in real time and move it with out the controller by half its real height?


hope that makes sense.

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Remember that object.model is the small circle model that is use in the editor. If you turn on physics you can see them. They should only be used for when in editor mode. The problem I had is that when that model is inside the controller, because by default it shows up in the middle of the controller, you can't select it to move it around. So that code you posted makes it so the editor model ends up being 1/2 below the controller, which allows you to select it and move it around while in editor mode.


I do the same thing with my Pi-Cube because the editor model is inside the cube, so I need to offset it so you can select it and move the model around.


You could select the model from the tree view in editor mode, but it's just so much easier to do it in the graphics window.

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