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CreateSurface() vs CreatePlane()


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CreatePlane() I would have to say.


Unless you want to add specific vertex positions and/or triangles for the surface with AddVertex()/AddTriangle(). Which also has been provided by Josh in the Framewerk Renderer as "CreatePatch(xsegments, zsegments)," which is used for the water plane.

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Guest Red Ocktober

I honestly don't know. Either he'll have to answer that or someone else who would know would have to.


I was going to eventually start working on water myself so I'll be curious how far you get. For now I'd use CreatePatch() and CreatePlane() for testing purposes.

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I have a decent start on it. I just can't figure out why when I scale the plane it turns black and any material I had on it doesn't show because it's all black. But it's very cool to just drag in a water plane, place it where it makes sense and have it waving. I need better water textures and probably a better shader. I'm just using the leaf sway shader.


The cool thing about this is that you can have multiples of these at any height and any size. So I could have puddles even if I wanted to. Plus give that freedom I can make a weather object and link all the puddles/body of waters to the weather object so when it's "raining" it can move the plane up to a certain level to simulate the water rising and when it's dry move it down a certain level over a given interval to simulate drying up.

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Guest Red Ocktober

i'm also on the quest for ocean waves....


i've got a patch created, but can't seem to scale it past what it was originally set to...


this is what i'm doing...


Local patch:TEntity=fw.Renderer.CreatePatch(22,22)

PositionEntity patch,[0.0,-1.0,2.0]


PaintEntity patch,material




question - does createpatch(22,22) create a surface with 22 x 22 vertices?






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