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I get this error on CreateHost() in the editor:


attempt to call global 'CreateHost' (a nil value)


Here is my call:


object.host = CreateHost(0, object.port, object.playerCount)


Even if my parameters were messed up it seems like the function CreateHost is nil from the editor. Is there some require I need?


I also synced and still got this error.

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I would say that your not getting the values for object.port or object.playerCount without those being pulled in that would be false, and would make the count wrong on the function, so it would only see CreateHost(0) which is invalid, and would be nil.?


Try changing to object.host=CreateHost(0, 81, 31)

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If this is the case this is why when all this lua stuff first came out I was confused as to why there was an editor.exe and engine.exe. The editor should be able to turn into just running the game. This would correct the issue with having the 2 exe's getting out of sync and/or different syntax. :blink:



Josh, any chance the editor can get networking commands? This would make debugging networking issues so much faster. Plus, I'm working on a networking object.

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That's actually where I was calling it from. In my Update() method I have an if statement which tells me if I'm in game mode or edit mode. Inside that statement I have another if statement which will branch off only once to do some init code when in game mode, since there isn't really another way to do that it seems. When I run in game mode no error happens, but when I exit game mode is when the lua editor pops up with the error above.

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