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Pi-3rdPersonCamera v 0.1


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File Name: Pi-3rdPersonCamera v 0.1

File Submitter: Rick

File Submitted: 01 Jan 2010

File Category: Lua Scripts


Here is a very basic 3rd person camera thingoid. Just drag it into your scene and give it a target. The game script that you need to run also is:



if fw==nil then --we are not in Editor
       Graphics(800,600)		-- need a better way to get screen res
       scene=LoadScene("")		-- need a way to get a scene to load

-- set globals
SetGlobalString("mode", "GAME_MODE")
SetGlobalString("quit", "false")


--main function
while (KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE) == 0) and (GetGlobalString("quit") == "false") do


-- reset values
SetGlobalString("mode", "DESIGN_MODE")
SetGlobalString("quit", "false")


Click here to download this file



Will be creating a video that shows 3 of my Thingoids working together.

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It's actually just a camera that you can rotate around anything you give it as a target when you enter game mode given you are using the game script I posted above. It also has an offset setting. When you give it a target you'll see a white box. That white box is where the camera will point to. It'll start at the origin of the target, but you can offset it.


Also you rotate with holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse.


I'm uploading a video right now that shows 3 controls, this being one, that allow you to get a quick moving 3rd person style player going in about a few mins. It's still very early and any ideas/help is welcome. The video and Thingoids should be up within an hour or so.

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To make a link you left click and hold on one object, and then drag it to another object. Just make sure you are dragging to the 2d images because that's the object. When working with the character object it can be confusing because it won't work if you drag to your model.

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Hello Rick

I would use this principle followed by the camera, I know how to create a Link Dynamics bypassing the sandbox and LUA and how do the equivalent of SetGlobalString (), I'll assume it is with the function lua_setglobal, but I do not know how it works.


Thank you for your help




PS: for the C + + code

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