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Orbitable camera


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Ok guys here's the thing:

I have to do some kind of classtest, just at home, for physics. So i thought making something with LE would be really cool for me and my teacher, well here I am. I am trying to get a camera working, like the one in the gamelib, where you can mvoe all around the player, but I am failing ... can someone help me or if you already have such a camera, post it here?

Luacode would be great, but C++ even better =)

Many Regards Dustin


P.S. Happy New Year =)

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When I get home I could give you my 3rd person camera object for lua. It's not ready yet, but it will allow you to rotate the camera around any target you give it. It just doesn't do any collision checking so it goes through objects and such. It's really easy to use though. Just drag it onto your scene and give it a target and it works. Providing the game .lua file you use is one I provide which is easy to change also from the editor.

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Thanks rick for that fast reply. You know what, that is exactly what i was looking for. I don't need collision, the cameramode should just be accessible by pressing a key. Normal mode would be first person and then if you press some key, it should change into free rotation =)

Thank you very much

I won't be home tonight, having a little party xD so cya next year


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