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Animation in Editor


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Hello all,

I'm having a little problem and not know how to solve:


I created an animated model in 3ds max, single, skinned with a bone only. I exported with the script by Arbuz.

But how do I do that the editor load the model with the animation already running? I see those trees for example, where the foliage of them, already has been playing with the animation. The strange thing is that if I open the trees in the Model Viewer, did not appear the bones or animation.


I need to put in some parameter in ".ini" file or something?




sorry my bad english... <_<

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The swaying of the trees is in the shader. It's not animated with bones. For character animation they would use bones like you did. As of now you need to code the animation of your character in the lua script. I do have an object in mind that will allow you to setup and play animations without code. It will be a month or so before I start on it however.

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