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Lost with out hope


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Hi everyone


Just like to say hello and Happy Christmas to all,

as I’ am new to this forum I find it some what difficult to find my way to some of the information that I’ am seeking a beginner’s area

Would be good or is everybody here an expert? I have some ‘C’ knowledge/ Blitz basic

<_< I’ am more of a musician and artist than a programmer so this the level I’ m on

I must also say how much I like the Leadwerk engine

I have gone through the tutorial pages and done the tutorials but I need more


This is what I’d like to know

There seems to be a GameLib where can it be downloaded and how do implement it I was at the GameLib page but there’s no way of downloading it.

There is something called framework this is in the SDK same question as above how is framework implemented

I know there’s a page for framework but for a beginner that knows nothing its not that helpful without simple examples.

Has anybody here completed a project with Leadwerk engine if so could some one write?

A simple game tutorial I would prefer it written in C/C++ but that’s just me

Let me just get one thing clear here I’ am not at Leadwerk to write the next MMOG

Or Dragon Age my goal is to have 3D art for my music.

I hope some one can help and that this post doesn’t come over to arrogant or Ignorant :)

Intel Dual core 6600 2,40GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 285, 2GB Ram, Windows 7 Ultimate

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There's also a simple power tutorial: http://www.leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Power_Tutorial (it's also on the wiki main page). GameLib is also on the wiki main page including source code.

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Hi and welcome Dalaware and Happy Christmas to you too. Hope you enjoy your adventures with Leadwerks Engine and feel free to ask questions in the forums as there are plenty of people willing to help you and other beginners.


In answer to your question regarding the framewerk in the SDK, this is designed to handle all of the rendering for you and allow mixing and matching of the major post processing effects. This was quite complicated for users to code on their own so using the framewerk gives you all that for free. It's very easily incoporated into your code and there is an example of using it in the relevant section in the wiki.


Good luck with the graphics and music!

Intel Core i5 2.66 GHz, Asus P7P55D, 8Gb DDR3 RAM, GTX460 1Gb DDR5, Windows 7 (x64), LE Editor, GMax, 3DWS, UU3D Pro, Texture Maker Pro, Shader Map Pro. Development language: C/C++

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