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Old wooden fence


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File Name: Old wooden fence

File Submitter: GIMPY73

File Submitted: 20 Dec 2009

File Category: Models

Triangles: 400


An old weathered fence :)




.obj , .fbx , .gmf files

2 textures .dds files

.phy , .lua , .mat files


Feel free to use in any LWE project (just don't sell it ;))




Gimpy73 :blink:


Click here to download this file

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@ Ubu


You can use it it any LWE project commercial or not.


The "just don't sell it" bit is to stop people from loading it up onto turbosquid, or any other 3d model site :)

(not that any one from this site would do that)


I don't think my models are up to that standard yet tho lol ;)


All the models i upload onto LWE site are free to use , and i don't want any money for them.


You don't even need to mention me in the credits :D




Gimpy73 :blink:

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That's a good copyright rule, and I've used the same for my sound assets. It promotes the engine, and soon LE will be the engine with the most free assets available on the planet. This again helps the LE developers to get more licenses sold, which again helps them to buy more resources to develop the engine even further. So, every "free" contribution to the engine, pays back to the existing users, directly (you can download "free" assets from other people also), and indirectly (more people will buy LE and you get "free" new technology to the engine). It's a win/win situation for everyone.


As opposed to the conventional non-social approach: You sell your assets, the distributor takes most of your profit, you barely sell anything, other people sell their assets also so you have to pay lots of money for them, the engine doesn't profit at all, so you have to pay for technology upgrades also. It's a lose/lose situation for everyone.


Of course there are also decent commercial asset sellers, who provide high quality at low prices. They are still needed since you won't find always all the assets you need on WerkSpace.

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Can certainly find a use for that .. again, thanks Gimpy. :)

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