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Grouping with Leadwerks Editor


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Is it possible to make grouping with leadwerks editor? May be if I tell what I mean by "grouping" and why I want to have it, it would give you a better chance of understanding this.


For example, I want to export a bookshelf from 3D Studio Max to Leadwerks Editor. But I don't want this bookshelf to be solid, I want my books to be effected from wind and hits came to it, and may be some books to fall down when shels is shaken hardly. I have found a solution for this as exporting a few book models from 3D studio and put them to a signle bookshelf model with size and texture variations.


But, I want to add this whole entity (bookshelf with books as separate bodies/models) to LE as one item in the models tree. Would it be possible? Or is there a way to export them from 3D Studio Max as separate physical bodies in one export? I have tried not to attach all books and bookshelf, but this time models became scrumbled up.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the fast response Lumooja. Would you do it by exporting all small meshes one by one from 3D Studio MAX? So everytime I want to make another shelf would I be have to put books into the bookshelf from scratch? My question is would it possible to define a group of this bookshelf (including seperate physical bodies of books and shelf model) form the LE?



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have you sent Josh an email requesting forum access since you are a registered SDK owner? see this post: Needing Access. make sure you send him all of your relevent info like name, registration key, email used in forum if different than used for purchasing, etc...

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