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GLSL Downloads

Paul Thomas

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A GLSL option under the downloads section. Under Code or Assets. Going to start releasing some shaders here shortly but I'm not sure where to provide it. Some of the shaders I'll be releasing is the Radial Blur and Radial Masked Blur. A situation I foresee is some people having problems integrating it into their framewerk.


Josh, do you want to make those shaders official for framewerk?


Radial Blur

Radial Masked Blur


Doesn't matter to me, but a shader/GLSL option under downloads would be good.

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Thank you Eternal Crisis for sharing your shaders. it's very good to have such shaders in any possible ways!

and I think it would be better to have your shaders directely with editor. such as other shaders available (HDR, DOF,...)

Omid Saadat

OD Arts Blog


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Not a problem man. I have the shaders and my own default textures for the radial masked blur ready for downloading. I'm going to post up the URL with instructions, but after I figure out the issue with water in the 2.3 version. I gave the shaders to Mack to try them out, and there seems to be a problem with the effect and water, but of course there are no problems with my Leadwerks version.


Once we figure that out I'm going to post here with the files to download and instructions to work with the BlitzMax version of Framewerk. I'm not sure how to make it work with the 2.3 editor but perhaps someone with 2.3 could provide some help. Or perhaps Josh will decide to make it officially supported with framewerk, not sure.


It's a fairly decent effect found in multiple games; Crysis, Far Cry 2, and so forth.

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I meant to release this a while ago, sorry about that. Instructions are in the "readme.txt" file included in the rar.


This should only be used if you have experience working with Framewerk source (specifically the Renderer).


Edit: Moved to the Downloads section.

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