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Slow fps when start editor


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Hello all, im having a problem recently with the editor. I'm using version 2.32r4. When i open the my map, the map is extremely slow, the FPS is around 6. But if i switch to game, and return to edition mode, the FPS, rises and is normal, verging on 40.


I suspect that is some related to physic, the scene have a lot animated models. But ive done some testing and not found the problem. I also tried too open, in the new version(2.32r5), but dont's worked.


My graphics card, is a GFX 250S.




This is a piece of my scene:


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SSAO, godarays, and antialias are on by default. You can disable these.


I have no idea why game mode would run faster. Without seeing the scene I can't tell much.

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Hello ,


sry for resume this old post.

This is my first time here, and I have the same problem with blank project.(6 fps)


Nvidia 8600GT

Evaluation kit 2.5


I'm searching in the forum any tips



Additional info.


-Driver updated


-My desktop becomes slow( CPU 100% usage )after started any samples

I have to restart my machine everytimes

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