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What's wrong with my FBX file?

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Well, I've bought the model, but animations did by myself. I think I cannot just post this model on forums.


I'm gonna try to say what's wrong.


I have a model. Here: eiTrqrv.png


As you can see - all vertex are assigned and animations works fine: 7grRXXV.jpg


File is in .fbx format:



After importing fbx again in my editor (MilkShape 3D 1.8.5 beta2) - Everything is fine.


LeadWerks automatically see .fbx file as .mdl



Here we go to Edit mode in Leadwerks.



As you can see - editor can see there are 17 frames. I'd made "Extract" Run animation to see if it helps - but no. Always I use "play" button - there are 1 frame animation that doesn't change, even if number of animation goes forward.


Any ideas?

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