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  1. but how am I gonna get length I need? If I want one two three four five that means I somehow have to switch color and DrawText second time, but how can I fit it exactly where it should be? What if my text is composed of multiple elements? like texta..textb..textc?
  2. how's leadwerks now with big maps? are there any optimizations for brushes that are far away from camera? Is there any examples of big maps made with brushes and not heightmap with models and LODs? What I mean is if I'm gonna use brushes to make a map, how big could it be, or something not really big, like counter strike size maps??
  3. right now I can change color with context:SetColor(1,1,1,1) but that'll change color for everything, how do I change color for first part of line? something like text="one two ~g~three four ~s~five" so result would be one two three four five
  4. iterate all pivots, but I already did it the other way, I attached script to pivots that sends their pos to main.lua at start and just work with these positions from main.lua
  5. Oi, how do I for through all entities (I need pivots but any help on how to "for each" will help) in my current world? In Main.lua Something like for k,v in pairs(world.entities) do print("x,y,z:"..v.x,v.y,v.z) end ?
  6. I'm using same mouse I used years ago. Just opened leadwerks again and still have this problem.
  7. But I'm on AMD Radeon. I thought maybe it's cause of blender, but no, it isn't.
  8. Reboot doesn't fix it. It worked few hours ago and now I can't rotate camera in viewport, middle mouse button movement works, WASD doesn't. When I gold RMB in viewport, it just disappears.
  9. R9 380 i7 6700k 8GB DDR4 RAM Windows 10 Just lost a lot of progress.
  10. I am using HeightMap for specular and displacement, not NormalMap. So I just should add Ambient Occlusion for specular?
  11. Here is a video with parameters of material and normal map. I am also showing another rock-brick texture that uses parallax too, and I guess it's working, but not on those orange bricks.
  12. It didn't help. I see no difference. Maybe this shader is written for Nvidia?
  13. Nope, I cannot. That's the license. However there is a link to a store https://www.textures.com/download/3dscans0029/126909?q=brick&filter=seamless here they are. However this texture works fine for some reason. https://www.textures.com/download/3dscans0056/127571?q=wall&filter=seamless
  14. Nope. I tried to inverse them, it didn't help. I've found out that left-right camera movement doesn't make texture move itself, while up-down does.
  15. It looks like closest layer moves when camera is rotated, IDK how to explain. Is it something wrong with my textures or some settings?
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