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Create something like roads


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i just saw the image of "Andy Gilbert".



There they discussed making an river editor like a part of the road editor.

now my question: is there a way of creating something like a road editor in the editor, or does Josh have to do it and recompile the editor?


I dont really have a clue of the editor, as i havent really worked with it yet.


If there is a way, is there some way to get the code of the road editor?


€: OK.. found the code.. seems like ill have to learn lua ^^


Another question: is it possible to render a selfmade post process shader in the editor, as i think of creating the water as a post process

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At the moment you can't add post-processing effects unless you write the whole rendering code yourself. I am going to add a mechanism to the framework code to allow the user to easily insert effects.

My job is to make tools you love, with the features you want, and performance you can't live without.

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