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  1. Hello all, I am having a go at vehicles again, and unfortunately I lost my old project files, so I am starting from scratch, yet one thing in blocking me. When i press A or D to turn the wheels left or right, they stay there and I am having trouble getting a working way of making them turn back. I have looked at the driver.lua file, and that's what I am basing it off, yet it does not seem to work. Here is my code. // Steering if (KeyDown(KEY_A) && (steerangle<=40.0f)) { steerangle+=0.7f; SetSteerAngle(veh, steerangle, 0); SetSteerAngle(veh, steerangle, 1); } else {
  2. Does anyone use Code Blocks... I moving from BlitzMAx to C++ I know big jump... I'm really like the Code Blocks IDE, but I can't seem to configure it for LeadWerks.. Probably because I'm such a noob. Can anyone help? Thanks, Eric
  3. If you are thinking about using Dark AI as a cheap option for an AI solution and are wondering how to use both LE2.5x and Dark AI together then I suggest the best way to think about how to interface the two, is to think along the lines of how EKI One works, where you have two parallel but identical worlds running at runtime and the interface is the channeling of information between "identical twins" with one twin in the "AI world" and the other in the "Game world", that is what one "twin" is doing in the "AI world" the other is mirroring in the "Game world", the interface merely opens a line o
  4. I am currently working with EKI One, working through its format and structure, getting to grips with the lua behavioural scripting side and trying to brush up on my c++ skills, actually brushing up on my c++ skills is an overstatement as I don't actually have any to brush up! .. lol, I have also been going through my Blitzmax code and trying to compile all the game mechanic functions and methods into a single .mod, trying to keep things tidy. Whilst going through my **** drive, I mean, my well organised storage drive, I found some DarkBasic/DarkGDK stuff, which included the Dark AI library. I
  5. After the first hour and a half I spent on this little exercise, I followed it up with another couple of hours. The basic integration now has an animation FSM. All still pretty crude and basic but a template to build on at some later date. The NPC's Entity script controls the models animation routines and gun attachment, the c++ application interfaces with the Dark AI library, and then uses messaging to communicate with the NPC Entity via lua script. Again this was just more experimentation and practice for me using c++ to build up techniques that will be beneficial later. Special thanks to Pi
  6. I'm about to attempt to create a simple model in Maya 2013 and texture it using vertex coloring. What I want to do is be able to procedurally texture the model via code and a shader using vertex painting. In Maya I will define the color of the vertex's and then supply the textures in the shader at runtime. For example a 2D plane model: x = a vertex x---x---x | \ | / | x---x---x | / | \ | x---x---x I want each of the verts to have their own color that I can assign a texture to in runtime. In this thread I'd like to ask if anyone has been able to do this successfully fr
  7. Josh. In LE3D, will it be possible to load models etc in a background thread. In Leadwerks3D we have the LoadXXXX command which loads an assets and attaches it for rendering in the same command. That makes background loading hard to do. Would it be separated so LoadXXXX just loaded the asset, and we then could Add the asset when its time for rendering, background loading would be easy in LE2. How will that be in LE3D?
  8. Hey I finished my explosion class and I think it's ok,so I will show it here :] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrnU8z6Jptw&feature=youtu.be (it will work in a few minutes)
  9. Hello everyone, I have a beginners problems with C++ enums and switch. My header has in the public section the following: enum TextPosition { Center, TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight }; TextPosition textPosition; Now the CPP initializes the textPosition variable in the constructor. #include "aLabel.h" aLabel::aLabel(void) { textPosition = aLabel::TextPosition.Center; } However during a switch case I get the message Unexpected type "aLabel::TextPosition". case aLabel::TextPosition.Center: What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance for t
  10. Hi, I'm trying to draw a weapon model using HUD, but I have a problem. My weapon model goes through walls. like this: If I clear the depth buffer before drawing the weapon model, the model doesn't go through walls, but this method can't use render lights because the depth buffer is already cleared. Any solutions to fix this problem?
  11. Hey, I am currently trying to sort out animation for my character, and I need a way of letting the animator know that the player is turning. Here is my code - TVec3 PivotRotation=Vec3(0); //Camera looking mx=Curve(MouseX()-GraphicsWidth()/2,mx,6); my=Curve(MouseY()-GraphicsHeight()/2,my,6); dx=Curve(MouseX()-GraphicsWidth()/2,dx,28); dy=Curve(MouseY()-GraphicsHeight()/2,dy,28); MoveMouse(GraphicsWidth()/2,GraphicsHeight()/2); camrotation.X=camrotation.X+my/10.0; camrotation.Y=camrotation.Y-mx/10.0; cam2rotation.X=cam2rotation.X+dy/10.0; cam2rotation.Y=cam2rotation.Y-dx/10.
  12. Hi all, I'm new to C++ and having a bit of trouble compiling the basic LEBuilder Gamelib project. I added all the include/search directories and now I receive these build errors: Also note: I haven't changed anything to the files. The Error occurs on the last line in the .cpp; RunClass(main). ||=== main, Release ===| C:Programmingprojects_codeblocksbasic_frameworkmainsourcesrcmain.cpp||In function 'int main(int, char**)':| C:Programmingprojects_codeblocksbasic_frameworkmainsourcesrcmain.cpp|32|error: expected ';' before 'app'| C:Programmingprojects_codeblocksbasic_frameworkmainsourc
  13. Hey guys, I have been working on creating a GUI system to work with, and I realised that none of the drawing commands work for me. DrawText,DrawRect,DrawLine, any of them, and I am not sure why. I am using framework, but I tried it manually without success. None of it is rendered. The only thing I ever got working was rendering an image, but even then it needed me to set alpha blending, but when it set it back to none after, it didnt show up. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  14. When using a Third Person view, how do you guys approach the problem of moving the character at the correct speed that syncs with the feet's. I was thinking of make some kind of measuring of the distance between the feet's and then calculate the movement speed from that. If that works it would solve the move speed for run also. Or is this the wrong way to approach this problem? Any better idea.
  15. I am looking into a few things at the moment, and one of them involves object selection. First off the bat, is there any command relevant to selecting an entity? I am eager to be able to select an object and tell it to do actions. But maybe only specific objects, no grabbing any old object. It makes it a bit more complicated but any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks in advance, DH.
  16. I was experimenting a lot of different setups to make the Raycast default Leadwerks car physics works more real. So far i didn't got the results i expected. Will implementing Real Wheel car physics from Newton make this works better? Or are there some kind of tricks i can make to improve the raycast car? I need to make a demo with Transmission (Manual or Automatic), and improve the physics a bit. Right now this setup is what i'm using mostly: suspensionlength=0.1 springconstant=66.0 springdamper=020.0 mass=1.3 This makes it a decent driving experience, still w
  17. Hi, i want to convert my sceneLoader C source to c++ and hit a wall with retrieving the lua state for using its transparency script settings ... this is/should all be frameWork. The entities in question are not handled within ProcessScene(), are the usual suspects firepit, waterplane and the atmosphere but loading fine first time around. from the engine.log Loading script "c:/devlab01/le23sample/vs2008_proto_arena_01/media/engine/models/props/firepit/firepit.lua"... Lua error: c:/devlab01/le23sample/vs2008_proto_arena_01/media/engine/models/props/firepit/firepit.lua:25: attempt to
  18. Hey. I want to make a vehicle in C++, and I am having a bit of trouble figuring out the commands. I have looked at the lua example, but I am still having a bit of trouble. It is mostly the wheels i cant figure out though. Can anyone provide a bit of example in C++? Thanks in advance, DH
  19. DigitalHax


    Hey everyone. I am looking for creating a lua weapon script for long term use. I want to be able to have them loaded in the editor and picked up on the hit of a key. I have seen the power tutorial with gamelib to load weapons. But I am not to keen on using it. Now I understand a few people are developing something similar, like the lua weaponwerks. One example I know of is pixel perfects weapon system. Something like that would be just what I need. If anyone knows anywhere I can get started(i am not that great with lua) or provide some basis would be great. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello. I was wondering how I would create something similar to the turret in half life 2. Specifically the aiming side. I want to have so when I move the mouse on the screen, it sets the a model to point to where I am pointing - including the distance so if I point really far, it will set the right angle. This is a bit of a tricky one, but I hope someone here understands me. Thanks in advance.
  21. I have the following code: [...] // Set graphics mode LEO::Engine engine(AppTitle,ScreenWidth,ScreenHeight); if( !engine.IsValid() ) { ErrOut( "Failed to set graphics mode."); return 1; } engine.AddAbstractPath( MediaDir ); // Create framework object and set it to a global object so other scripts can access it LEO::Framework fw; if(fw == NULL) { ErrOut("Failed to initialize engine."); return 1; } // Set Lua framework object engine.SetObject( "fw", fw ); // Set Lua framework variable LEO::Lua lua; lua.PushObject( fw ); lua.SetGlobal( "fw" ); lua.Pop( 1 ); LEO::Model skybox("abstract::
  22. Hey, I have been setting up a menu system, but and I want the mouse to dissapear when you hit esc. But I tried to refine my code, but in my code the mouse flickers and doesn't work. The basic concept of my code is, //Main Loop { If(menval == 0 { if keyhit esc { menval = 1 Menu = 1 } } else { If keyhit esc { Menval = 0 menu = 0 } if menu = 0 { //main code Hide the mouse } else { //menu code Show the mouse } } I hope someone understands what I'm doing wrong...
  23. Hey all, I have started some minor milestone development (Using vanilla C++) in which I have made a simple menu system where upon hitting escape, the mouse appears, and the control stops. I want to have some GUI (maybe a few buttons) appear. Now I don't know much on this topic, but I want people's opinion on it. What is the best gui for Leadwerks? Thanks in advance...
  24. Hey all, After programming for a few years I've noticed that the performance in my projects are low. This is mainly because of bad written code. Since I don't really like to keep that bad habit, I will need a bit of your help and advice. I do know how to code, but the problem is coding for performance. My goal is to improve the performance as much as possible. I've started coding in Game Maker - where you don't really have classes but objects. I haven't really been learning how to program in performance back then (neither coding clean actually, working with classes etc). So basically I *c
  25. I was wondering how someone would go about packing things into password files. If I were to load all map files (models etc) into a packaged file would they still be able to access each other, and would I be able to put scripting in there and still have everything load perfectly? I am just not sure and want some clarification. Thanks in advance.
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