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  1. Ill think that the supporting of Linux distros will be more eficient if the core targeting will be not the Ubuntu as the official linux distro.. cost as mentioned before by "reepblue" and actualy his words was "..There are lot of concerns in where Ubuntu is going..." As we see the release with realese have a bunch of differences as a problem with libs and brokens depedesies and as a performance isues and differences.. so i think this isues will dissapere ar will dramaticaly dropt if the Debian core will by selected as a major distro target cost its a parent of many distros and builds li
  2. LE wont run and it dies right after launch.. (it show up the splash for a cople of seconds and crashes).. here is the logs from terminal Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 251810 Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561198216320795 [API loaded no] Segmentation fault Game removed: AppID 251810 "", ProcID 18956 No cached sticky mapping in ActivateActionSet.Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1539393410) Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1539393410) JS method call SharedConnection.SendMsg with 2 arguments JS meth
  3. 1-st material is a default "material" of a object or whatever model in the 3D space of your favorite 3D redactor (i.e: Blender) and it could have ANY color you like. 2-nd Texture is a surface diffuse/normal/specular color based on the texture itself (except the normal map parallax and specular textures cost it use the effect of it purpose and NOT the color that its have! And 3-rd... how you can be a game-dev or 3D designer that did known the simple and based rule of that? )
  4. This is cross platform free alternative to CrazyBump ... and eah!)) its real Awesome and have a bunch of tasty features and capabilities ... You can find it here http://awesomebump.besaba.com/ or if you wish to use a cutting edge version https://github.com/kmkolasinski/AwesomeBump but beware for an unexpected crashes and glitches)) Have a nice creations comrades;)
  5. Those problem appears on Debian 9.. On the Ubuntu 16.4 everything works fine..)
  6. As you can see on the screencasts the problem appears not every time but on the second one bug proof
  7. You mean the model and the texture ? i think there is no need cost the problem is not only with inserted but also with the preloaded FPS,Marble etc.. games.. when i clicking on the textures the LE crash as i report before... but if its so nessesery on that il can provide the model )
  8. PNG as preferable format.. and default format on Blender.. Ill also trying JPG with the same result.. even if i click the out of the box as example "pistol texture" or some another texture the LE crash.. (
  9. When i double click on a any texture the LE crash.. If anybody faced this bug please response or try to confirm it.. and its sad to say, but... its another task for Josh )
  10. Them major problem with NVIDIA's drivers for linux is that high recomended to install them from repository or from build ".deb" package to avoid crashing of the xserver-xorg be cost in the repositorys (as far ill known they apply som critical patches and fixes)..
  11. Confirm!! about 4:30 of this morning its updated!! everything works fine! BTW.. after of today experiment with testing of NVIDIA's new videodriver from official website ill crashed the X.org xserver so... the reconfiguring of entire system helps to make working the LE on Debian-9 !! and ill think that problem is SOLVED! thanks again for quick response Josh!
  12. Confirmed that to... on an Ubuntu it work, and as you spot it its crash on script editor.. And the steam client was also installed from Ubuntu-repositories
  13. Ill tried this ... the result was the same.. I also tried the steam client from official website .. but there was a small issues with some depends pkgs and the client crash.. the next move was to install it from deb-repository and its work fine.. and start perfectly the game i have on it.. but not the LE
  14. Confirmed to.. after a two weeks of wakations ill start as usualy the steam and then the LE.. and its just crasht right about on start... the recomendations listed before and on the networks dosent work.. any idea how to solve it Josh?? )
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