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Offroad game: Driving on road & in mud




> Work in progress

> The road tracer tool is  for now without bug; I added debug messages that prevent a bugged road to be generated - so it asks now to modify some values instead of generating the bugged road.

> Water waves are smoother.

> New feature: Driving in mud.

> I'm thinking about adding a speed or friction penality if not driving on roads.

> This little demo was recording on map 2048*2048


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It is interesting that your blog on our website has twice as many views as your video on YouTube. (Views in the embedded player don't get counted on YouTube.)

That means our website is a better place to get exposure for your content than YouTube is.

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Your comment is actually interesting, because I'm thinking a lot about the difficulty that we encounter to give a game popularity,  as a little indie programmer.

Nowaday there are so much games that the risk is real to become just forgotten, like a little boat between 1000 bigger ones, even if your game has a good quality.

As example I feel so free to take those games (one just comes out) from DNA Army GAming




Evenif the games are evaluated as good, no publicity ran for those games, nobody heard about those and there are max 50 people that are going to review those games.

I mean when you know how expensive in money, time, patience and work it is to make a game...

I just feel little bit disappointed that every success only depends on add campaign, but I'm sure if I get my game to be finished, I will encounter the biggest problem: Nobody will play it.

I say this evenif it is ok for me to make a game just like a piece of art, just to fill the challenge or as brain-trainer.

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