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Offroad game terrain progression





January 2021, work progression showcase random generated world vegetation, FPS=30







The map is 4096*4096

The landscape is randomly cast: Painting & vegetation.

At the end of the video, is a demo of the waves shader I could write using the leaves.shader on the water.shader.

The shader is in the workshop for free to use. It is far not perfect but it adds a good animation for ocean water.




In the game the player will have the possibility to drive different cars: Motos, Jeep, rapid cars,  heavy PIckup, trucks.

All vehicles will have upgrades to buy or loot.

That means not all vehicles will be able to cross a hill, depending on how heavy or how upgraded th car will be.

So first challenge will be to find a way in the world.

Here is a little showcase of a climb simulation for an heavy jeep (the model should rather be a heavy truck but that is not done yet), that fails to climb an abrupt mountain:

You can see the speed of the vehicle depends on how straight the slope is be taken.


thx for watching - feel free to comment, critic or advice.




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Very cool.  Not to nitpick but maybe the vegetation render distance could be farther out, especially the bush (which seems to pop in very close).  Otherwise it's already starting to look like parts of a game.  Reminds me a lot of GTA.

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Thx for encouraging ?

I'm not sure what how this is going to continue. I got for sure inspired from GTA, I have a complete collection of clothes that the character can buy & change.

I added a few weapons but this goes so common; certainly it can be funny but so much do that very well, Gta, Far Cry, Ghost and and and... I would rather go in a peacefully way of driving with music and landscape, making gold for delivering, but I'm not sure where to place the challenge if no gun fight. 

It became so common that someone wants to kill you in a game that it is difficult to think without this

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Very true.  It's difficult to be creative and sell people on it.  But it's not impossible.  Usually it involves combining familiar mechanics in a new way.  Deep Rock Galactic does this very well (FPS, RPG, procedural generation, fully destructible world, etc.).

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On 7/30/2020 at 2:46 PM, beepboop said:

lense effect on the edge of the screen

  •  - That would be great yes, but how, maybe shader knowledge too? A lense would round up the complete screen ?


  •  - I cannot augment the view distance of the vegetation, because there is no option between far view and max view range (as infinite). 

            The max view range that seems infinite is not supported with so much models (FPS drops <10)

            But it is possible with shaders to smooth the "pop up" effect of the models. I modify for this each shaders that are used for the materials of the models, using the                    depth camera.z calculation from the groudplants.shader

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Just some ideas

One thing could be that you get air drops with items from time to time.And you need to gather them.

Lets say your some kind of private Indiana Jones you got one year sabbatical on this island :) and need to find some treasure on this island


I concur about the vegetation .. maybe you can try a very low poly vegetation that show up anywhere (like grass) , then add custom low poly trees at certain distances.

And then use the current system , might work so the transition is not that strange with something in the background.

Like a LOD layers for vegetation.


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Thx for ideas, suggestions  help a lot to get inspiration.

59 minutes ago, aiaf said:

Lets say your some kind of private Indiana Jones you got one year sabbatical on this island :) and need to find some treasure on this island

Yes  I'd like to make  something like this. I want to add simply mathematic puzzle challenges, and a bit of shoot functions in TPS form to get a little something to loot, and a concept that will lead the player through different little mini games or destinations to get more and more informations on the treasure's place on the map.

The treasure once found gives a big loot.

But everything should run in a smooth chilling atmosphere, such of games you play to relax after work, with nothing big to loose and nothing big to care about, just to play and have fun.

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