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Beta Branch Updated



The beta branch has been updated. The following changes have been made:

  • Rolled beta branch back to release version, with changes below.
  • Added new FBX converter.
  • Fixed Visual Studio project template debug directory.
  • Fixed Visual Studio project template Windows Platform SDK version problem.

If everything is okay with this then it will go out on the default branch soon.

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Right now I am waiting on an organization to see if I need to go to U.S., or if I should stay in Europe and ship my equipment here. Can't say anything else right now.

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2 hours ago, Yue said:

Now the collider in my chassis has a son, originally named Mesh1, that didn't come out before. 


Were you previously using the default branch?

DId you reimport the model from the FBX file? Is that what caused it?

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