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"Cirque des Jeux" Game Tournament



Ladies and gentlemen, come one, come all, to feast your eyes on wondrous sights and behold amazing feats! It's "Cirque des Jeux", the next Leadwerks Game Tournament!


How does it work?  For one month, the Leadwerks community builds small playable games.  Some people work alone and some team up with others.  At the end of the month we release our projects to the public and play each other's games.  The point is to release something short and sweet with a constrained timeline, which has resulted in many odd and wonderful mini games for the community to play.

WHEN: The tournament begins Thursday, February 1, and ends on Wednesday, February 28th at the stroke of midnight.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Publish your Circus-or-other-themed game to the Games Showcase before the deadline. You can work as a team or individually. Use blogs to share your work and get feedback as you build your game.

Games must have a preview image, title, and contain some minimal amount of gameplay (there has to be some way to win the game) to be considered entries. It is expected that most entries will be simple, given the time constraints.

This is the perfect time to try making a VR game or finish that idea you've been waiting to make!

PRIZES: All participants will receive a limited-edition 11x17" poster commemorating the event. To receive your prize you need to fill in your name, mailing address, and phone number (for customs) in your account info.

At the beginning of March we will post a roundup blog featuring your entries. Let the show begin!

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Recommended Comments

My submission: 

The usual last minute scramble for time left me with not what I was aiming for and much to improve. Still, had fun trying.


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