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Blender - Art of UV unwrapping

Introduction Everybody hates to UV unwrap their models after their done finishing their 3D models, and i do too, but i'm good at it. Some people use software like RizomUV or Blender add-ons to make their job easyer, but it does'nt work for every texturing workflow. If you are using a 3D painting software like Adobe Substance Painter, then you should let your computer do the UV unwrapping job, but if you don't have the money for Substance products like i do, then you do textures the old

Blender - Animating Tutorial (And how to Bake an IK rig)

Introduction Some folks here in the forum asked for help on more advanced Blender topics, like baking animations from an IK rig. I'm here to spread my knowledge, since i also learned from other people on the internet. I'll be using Blender 3.6, without add-ons. 1. Blender animation basics I recommend starting out with a rigged model for the first time, but if you dont have one, here is a tutorial on how to make yours. After you got your model, you have to make an armature, wh
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