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Oculus Rift 2nd Dev Kit

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Hello all!


I have been inactive lately because of moving but have a quick question. I was wondering if anyone knows how the Oculus is implemented into game engines. Is it just a DLL you call from? Does it have its own API? Or does it need a "plugin" type thing to communicate with the engine.


To Josh:: Maybe you can work with them to implement the Rift into Leadwerks? As a young indie dev I have tons of ideas for it but Leadwerks is the ONLY engine I would do it in.


Thanks for your time guys.

Cody Mihelich

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You draw two images that are distorted in a specific way (can be done via shader), the tracking is HID based IIRC so that's not a problem.


What this adds up to is that you don't need Josh to add support, you could do it your self ( though obviously it would be easier to just check the occulus checkbox ;) )

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