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Terrain FindChild problem


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I think FindChild is looking for the "name" key, and not the "class" key.

GameLib gets the terrain entity correctly by looking for "class"=="Terrain".

If you don't want to use GameLib, you could just copy the function GetFirstEntityByKey(key,value) from it, and use it as: terrain = GetFirstEntityByKey("class","Terrain");.

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I Also thought about that,

but every time when i test it, it was the last chil.


But, i have one more question, why does this two ways to get the terrain height doesn´t work:

First Way:

VObject::kiObject->Y = TerrainHeight(cTerrain, kiObject->X*2,kiObject->Y*2); // 2 is the Meter per tile


Second way:

	if(LinePick(&cPick, Vec3(kiObject->X,kiObject->Y,kiObject->Z), Vec3(kiObject->X,kiObject->Y-10,kiObject->Z), 5))
		kiObject->Y = cPick.Y;
		std::cout << cPick.Y << std::endl;


Can some one help me?




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The first way doesn't work because you use y as the z position, I think it should be:

VObject::kiObject->Y = TerrainHeight(cTerrain, kiObject->X*2,kiObject->Z*2); // 2 is the Meter per tile


and for the second way: make sure you use 0 as the pick radius, anything else doesn't work. (set your 5 to 0)

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