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BlitzMax run LUA


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Hello everyone and here is my (first?) Question after some time with this nice Engine and even nicer Forum. :)


I now tried to do most of the stuff in LUA and use the

Simple scene loader

most of it just works like in the editor except 2 things.


  1. the Sky is just Black.
  2. I can not find a function to run Game-LUA-Scripts like in the Editor when i select the FPS-Controller or Car LUA Script.


In the simple-scene-loader BlitzMax Code is the PlayerController included in BMX-Code,

so there is no possibility to just run the existing LUA-Controllers?


i didnt looked into the Editor-LUA-Game-scripts so maybe the black Sky needs the Game-Controller in LUA.


Sorry if this are stupid Questions or they get answered already somewhere.


Hope in the future i can also help or post some Code for you all.



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Good morning beo6, ok firstly just to clarify when you say "1.the Sky is just Black." do you mean when loading a "scene".sbx with the Simple scene loader ?

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The black sky was a problem i had myself as i have switched from lua back to bmx for my main project.


Have you done:

'To Generate an updated lua-gluefunctions.bmx uncomment the lines tagged [1]
'and comment out the line tagged [2]. Run the code once, then swap back.
'lua-gluefunctions.bmx needs to be inside the App directory.

Import "PATH TO YOUR 2.3 SDK FOLDER\BMX\Framework\framework.bmx"
'Import lugi.generator '[1]

Include "lua-gluefunctions.bmx" '[2]
'generateGlueCode("lua-gluefunctions.bmx") '[1]
'End '[1]


Also you need the script folder (which you find in the root directory of the editor) in the folder your app is in. After I have done this i could load the scene as if i have opened it in the editor.

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oh. Thanks for all your answers, i looked again at my Files and found out that i have used a wrong version of my SBX File in my Game-Folder . there was no Atmosphere.

Sometimes i am Blind :)


so i think my second question can be answered: I have to use Thingoids for Character-Control in LUA.

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