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lua running from editor or engine


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Was just thinking it would be nice if the engine.exe and editor.exe both created a lua variable so our main lua applications can tell where it's being called from. Different things need to happen depending on where it's called from and this would be a nice easy way of telling.


A few different things that I can think of depending on where the main lua file is being run from:


1. Create framework. If run from the editor we don't need to do this. If run from the engine we do. A check of fw == nil does work, but this would be an added support.


2. Load a sandbox map. When from the editor the map is the current map, but when from the engine you need to load a map. Knowing the main lua file is being called from the engine, we can then load a map.


I know we can check if the fw variable is nil, but that might not work in every situation. A person might not use the fw variable at all. Having the executable "pass in" a value indicating where it's called from would just be a more concrete approach in my view.

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