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Hi I am a kid with a passion for video games and want to grow up to be a game designer. I recently got leadwerks for Christmas but I don't know where to start with scripting. I want to use Cpp as my language and just so you know I know very little of the C language I have done some VB in the past but nothing mojor. please help :)

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It also wouldn't hurt to take a look at some C++ tutorials as well. Working with just the basics of Leadwerks isn't very difficult but once you start attempting more complex programs it would be best to have some solid understanding of C++.


As Niosop has mentioned start with the LE tutorials. Most of them are outdated but you can get some direction from them. You can also take a look at Lumooja's Power Tutorial located on the Wiki. Just in case you don't know, the Wiki is at http://www.leadwerks.com/wiki which has all the tutorials and a list of LE commands. Some of the commands also have examples to look at.


Dedication along with trial and error.

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what tutorial shoud i start with



The first one :blink:

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Something that just popped into my head. When doing the tutorials you'll eventually stumble across the post-pro tutorials. My advice is to follow these tutorials to get an understanding of how they work but do not try to combine them yourself in a game. Use Framework instead.

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Like everyone says: try the tutorials, starting with ''getting started with C++". You don't have to understand everything right at start. just try to follow the tutorials. If you have problems after a couple of times trying, just ask on the forum. I wouldn't start with "Getting started with Lua". To me it seems a litlle more advanced and it's just easier to understand, ones you have done all the C++ tutorials. The tutorials are fairly out of date and some code might not work as expected. I hope that Josh (or someone else) will replace them one day to helpthe new members ont their way.


The more advanced tutorials like water, triggers and events and post processing events are cool to watch but try not memberize all of that code in your head. most of the code has been symplified by the so called 'Framewerk'. try to see the Framewerk as a command set that can handle post processing and render effects. these commands are easier in use.


important thing is: never to give up. Don't expect to write an entire mmo's in a few weeks or even months. Give it a lot time and trying and eventually you start to create something nice.

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