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Read setting Window from INI File?


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I don't know what language you are using with Leadwerks but there are many free libraries available in C++ for reading and writing to ini files and I'd be almost certain that some must exist for BlitzMax too. This would probably be the easiest route. Failing that you could always write your own parser to read in the file and write it out again if need be.


[Edit] Just noticed this post is in the C++ forum so I guess that's answered that biggrin.gif


Here is a link to one I've used successfully in the past: INI File Lib

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This work sample:



#include <windows.h> 
#include <stdio.h> 

int main() 
  int WindowWidth, WindowHeight;

  WindowWidth = GetPrivateProfileInt (TEXT("GRAPHICS"), TEXT("Width"), 0, TEXT(".//setting.ini"));
  WindowHeight = GetPrivateProfileInt (TEXT("GRAPHICS"), TEXT("Height"), 0, TEXT(".//setting.ini"));

  printf ("Key: %i\n", WindowWidth);
  printf ("Key: %i\n", WindowHeight);






Suddenly, someone will need ...

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