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1. In CreateHost() the last parameter is player count. Is there any API restrictions on this number that this can be? Is there a way to accept any amount of players? Like if I pass 0 will it accept any number who try to connect?


2. I see DisconnectHost() but it takes a Peer parameter so I assume that's for the clients. How does the server shutdown? Is there a command for that or when the main loop end it just stops? How would this work in the editor. If I make a server object where when I do "run game" from the editor is where it CreatesHost(), I assume that host will just stay open listening. I would like to do some kind of server stop listening in the Free() event.


3. Also how does host:WaitEvent(1) work? The parameter looks like a timeout according to the wiki. Does that mean it'll block for 1/100 of a second ^. Can you pass 0 and have it still work?


4. What's the flow of event id's when client tries to connect to server. I see EVENT_CONNECT is an event id type. Does that mean client received that it did in fact connect to server or server saying a client has connected? Or both? Or what?

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