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Framwerk compile warnings


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To get rid of this type of warnings


cpp\renderer.cpp(457) : warning C4244: 'argument' : conversion from 'double' to 'flt', possible loss of data


following lines needs to be changed in Renderer.cpp


Renderer.cpp 457

ScaleEntity( skybox, Vec3(farrange/2.0f) );


Renderer.cpp 798-800



Renderer.cpp 1085


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AV MX Linux

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I don't know why you get warning messages, because I don't get any.



Mayby your are 'cheating' by having this line at top..

#pragma warning(disable:4244)


or maybe some compiler setting


Edited by Roland Strålberg

AV MX Linux

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I don't disable type conversion warnings, but make the code so that it has no type conversions.



Isn't that what Roland's post was giving instructions for? :D

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Ok, I found the reason why Roland gets those warnings. He is using Framewerk directly, and not via gamelib. When I tried to make a new project which had the Framewerk files directly included as source, then I got those warnings too.


I'll fix those warnings and send Josh the updated files.

EDIT: Sent new renderer.cpp to Josh

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