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How to Start ?

Guest DaneX

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Hi, im new here ^^ and i would like to know, how to start? how to start making a game.. i'm using C++..


What else do i need?


Thanks ^^



*sorry for my English...

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The tutorial page worked for me good, but sometimes I'm with questions too.. =P

Mostly it's just trying out, and tutorials assist you with that :)


You can add me on MSN, since I'm also sort of new (see my profile page). :)

Using Leadwerks Professional Edition (Beta), mainly using C++.

Windows 10 / Linux Mint, Visual Studio 2017. GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX970, CPU: Intel i7 7700K @ 4.20 GHz

Previously known as Evayr.

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I assume you are going to buy a license of the program?


most of the tutorial on the leadwerks frontpage should help you get going for a few weeks. After that. try to make some content, (models, animations). If you are going for the sdk with LUA integration then I can suggest looking around in the example levels to see how lua files are set up. when you are familiar with programming you could try to start with very short game scripts or so. Also, make good use of the forum, don't hesitate to ask here and there.

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