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  1. well, let's discuss what do you think about that. https://www.unrealengine.com/register http://cryengine.com/news/crytek-announces-its-cryengine-as-a-service-program
  2. You are distributing debug version.... if you want to distribute your app, compile it as release.
  3. I have bought Start8, funny right ? but it killed damn metro on my desktop. I like Win8 new features ( mainly taskmanager and ribbon ), but metro on desktop ? no way.
  4. if you want to use VS2012, just right click on your project in solution explorer, properties and in general, set Platform toolset to VS2010 v100.
  5. wh1sp3r

    Simcity fail

    Have anybody here bought that game ?? I got it from CDKEYSHERE.com for 33€. It's bugged like hell, lol. Also, Maxis said, it's not possible to play offline as internet is important for server-side calculations, funny thing is, when you unplug your internet cable, you can still play without any problem !! What a lie, lie lie lie. EA lies lies lies, hehehehe. What's your opinion ?
  6. From MSDN: To set syntax coloring for user-defined keywords In the same directory as msdev.exe, use the Text editor or Windows Notepad to create a text-only file named usertype.dat. Add your keywords to usertype.dat, one keyword per line. Note The usertype.dat file is read during initialization. It cannot be renamed, nor can it be reloaded during an editing session. The syntax coloring mechanism checks the usertype.dat file last. Thus, all previously defined color settings take precedence over the user-defined keywords. Save the file as a text-only file, exit, and then restart Vis
  7. pfff, then i don't know, lol. Last stupid question, have you tried it to run it as admin ?
  8. there should be more info or at least i always have, lol
  9. Install VS2010 express or VS2012 express, it seems, older version of solutions are not supported. You can make own solution in VS2008, but you need to setup your paths.
  10. Could you please run Event viewer ? start button, run eventvwr, expand Custom Views, events and check last event after your error. You should get better description what happend. Canardian: Windows SDK are included in Windows. Visual C++ redistributable works only for Release version of applications. For Debug, you need to install Visual studio tools. For x86 applications, only x86 redistributation pack is needed. Additional info: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/k089yyh0.aspx abort function was called, so, some kind of exception occured.
  11. How long will this price stay for LE2 users ?
  12. that's what i really don't like .... we have no idea, when we have to pay and for what and how much. Small update, and pay !! or no support. it reminds me small upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3 or how's the version. We really don't know when they can suprises us with price. I really hate these marketing models where you have to pay for bugfixes.
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